Antique Sapphire Rings

All gem quality corundum that is not red is called sapphire, yet this name is popularly associated with the colour blue. Variation in colour, due to iron and titanium impurities, spans many shades, but the most valuable is a deep blue.

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Antique Sapphire Rings
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Antique Sapphire Rings

What Is A Sapphire?

Sapphires are a blue gemstone variety of the mineral corundum and their name derives from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’, meaning ‘blue stone’. When trace amounts of elements like titanium, iron, copper, chromium, or magnesium are found in corundum, the resultant is pink sapphire, green sapphire, yellow sapphire, or colourless sapphire, and a pink-orange gemstone known as padparadscha.

Gemstone colour is broken down into hue, saturation, and tone. Blue sapphires are primarily evaluated on the purity of their hue. If you are looking for the finest quality sapphire then opt for one with a purple or violet hue of up to 15 per cent, with blue making up the remaining 85 per cent of the hue.

The best quality cornflower blue sapphire is typically found in Burma, Sri Lanka, and India in pegmatite or as water-worn pebbles in alluvial deposits. Sapphires found in Thailand, Australia, and Nigeria are a darker blue, almost black at times, whilst Montana produces an attractive metallic blue sapphire.

High Quality Antique Sapphire Rings

Antique Diamond Rings pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest quality, genuine antique sapphire rings as well as Art Deco sapphire rings, Victorian sapphire rings and other antique rings. Browse our carefully appointed collection here, where you will find stunning antique sapphire rings dating back to the Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco eras.

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